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jus_dorange [userpic]
Beijing and Shanghai
by jus_dorange (jus_dorange)
at August 28th, 2006 (12:09 pm)

Some pictures I took in the forbidden city in Beijing

A stage for Peking Opera in the Foribidden City's Eastern Palace Complex

The ceiling of one of the pavilions on the eastern side of the Imperial Gardens

the throne room in one of the palaces, The Hall of Supreme Harmony, if I'm not mistaken

The south gate of the Forbidden City and the moat surrounding the Palace

My not- so- successful attempts at capturing Shanghai's lights...

An Uyghur Man selling lamb kebabs in front of one of the old buildings on the Bund

by jitsusoji (jitsusoji)
at August 16th, 2006 (04:43 pm)

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current song: Namia Amuro - Wishing on the Same Star

Here are a few from visits to China...

Beautiful Tibetan girl, watching a little boy playing.

My favorite place to shop - Golden Street in Tianjin.

The Millenium Clock, in Tianjin.

Da Ci'en Temple in Xi'an.

TianAnMen at night.

Rose is Back! [userpic]
by Rose is Back! (lissa_maylee)
at August 13th, 2006 (10:31 pm)

current location: Guangzhou, China
current mood: blank

Hi, all!

I was asked to post these pics here. Shilin (The Stone Forest) is in Yunnan province, China.

If you want more pictures and travelogue, they are at my travel journal, dim_summary.

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The Newest Jackie Chan's Film :ROB-B-HOOD....Trailer~
by Heidy (heidy)
at June 30th, 2006 (03:55 pm)

current mood: excited

Hey you guys check out the newest Jackie Chan film...
The movie it's called ROB-B-HOOD
Here is the trailer...Enjoy it~

by jiyuu_donghae (jiyuu_donghae)
at June 21st, 2006 (04:28 am)
current location: Tokyo,Japan
current song: Taiyou no Shita by Remioromen

Some night views of Yokohama

Yokohama in the day

Amazing Hong Kong pictures~
by Heidy (heidy)
at May 12th, 2006 (07:58 pm)

current mood: accomplished

Recently a friend visited Hong Kong and shared this with me...So I thought they were just amazing and wanted to share the joy with you all China/Hong Kong lovers out there.~

Photos behind cut~

James' Hong Kong Photos
by Heidy (heidy)
at May 12th, 2006 (07:57 pm)

current mood: accomplished

A friend(jamesaylmore ) shared these Hong Kong pictures with me, and I thought they were pretty cool. So, here they are. Hoping ya also like them~

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SKILLS only Found in China!!! These are awesome!!!^_^*
by Heidy (heidy)
at May 12th, 2006 (07:56 pm)

current mood: accomplished

As you already know, the Chinese are very clever - see below . . . . .


Skills only found in China!!!




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